Our membership web mail page.

As a member you are entitled to apply for a free email account. All you need do is send an email to the webmaster Ben Turpin ben@qor-east.com, include the name you wish to use in front of qor-east.com and a password (must be no less than eight characters-may be numbers, letters or a combination of both). Give me something simple and you can change it once logged in. No more names with numbers or names no one else can recognize; use your given name. How many Bens out there? Your email will be yourname@qor-east.com This way friends will recognize you and may make contact. This is why we call this a social network. You don't have to send BCC. You don't have to be an "undisclosed recipient" or any other insulting name. Once set up you can return here to this web page to use it. You don't have to be home at your computer. You can use a public or friend's computer and when you leave there will be nothing left on your friends computer to identify you. It's that simple. There is no privacy issue here. This email account will allow you to access your mail from this web page, forward email to another e-mail address, send e-mail from anywhere there is a computer, anywhere you travel in the world. You may also have e-mails from here sent to your private e-mail. It will be bounced from this server to your server. Our server will clean it and forward it, seconds after receiving it. I use this e-mail all the time. If the name you give is not already taken it is yours to use. It's first come first serve. Claim your name which is followed by qor-east.com as your e-mail. We have a maximum of 100 email accounts allowed.