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About QOR

The Regiment was organized in Toronto on 26 April 1860 as the Second Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles of Canada but was renamed as The Queen's Own Rifles of Toronto on 13 March 1883. The Regiment took part in defending Canada against the Fenian Raids where it fought at Ridgeway on 2 June 1866, and later fought in the Northwest Rebellion Campaign of 1885. During the First World War the Regiment contributed to the 3rd Battalion. During the Second World War The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada served with the 8th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and landed at Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944. The unit was disbanded on 30 November 1945. On the 4th of May 1951 The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada provided one company for the 1st Canadian Rifle Battalion, which was organized for service in Europe as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. When the 2nd Canadian Rifle Battalion was formed on 10 April 1952, the regiment supplied another company. On 16 October 1953 these Regular battalions were re-designated 1st and 2nd Battalion The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, with the Reserve component designated as the 3rd Battalion. The 2nd Battalion was disbanded on 15 September 1968 and the 1st Battalion on 27 April 1970. The Reserve unit was re-designated as The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada on 11 February 1971, and remains as a militia unit.

To learn about our history visit https://www.queensownrifles.com/. The QOR Association has four branches in Canada with it's national HQ in Toronto. The QOR branches consist of Vancouver Island, Calgary, Toronto and Maritimes-Newfoundland. It is the social network for fellow Riflemen to keep in touch right across this country.

Membership in the Newfoundland-Maritimes branch entitle you to:

National Membership also provides:

Membership application for our branch is available HERE

Photo Share

We are now looking for photos that members want to share. We have Photo Sharing Pages in various categories such as the Platoon Pictures we are now building. We will also have past reunion pictures and some video. If you have any items you like shared please send them along to me via Email or Post Office. I prefer you send the original film negative. I will send it back unharmed and cleaned.

Member Email

Each member is entitled to an email account. It means you can send and receive mail from any computer. You donít need to own one just ask a friend to use theirs. You don't have to have a Hot Mail account with the long name - no one can remember. You should encourage any member you know who is without this means of communication and help them get on line by offering the use of your computer when they visit. To set you up, all I need is a name to use in front of @qor-east.com and a password which you can change during your first log-in. All they have to do is go to our Web Page and click on Web Mail and type in the two requested items; that is the name you give me followed by @qor-east.com and your password. Click Continue to Sign in and you'll arrive at your mail page. The email names will be on a first come first serve basics. So hurry if you want to use a simple name such as ben@qor-east.com.



OK not a member? Want to be one? Just fill in the form and return it along with your fee to the address on the form. Dues are now payable December of each year.

We are open to all suggestions to make this site as useful to you as we are able to make it.

QOR-Maritimes sec/T + webmaster - Ben.

2007/2008 NL Branch Executive Committee


President       -    -    -   Wayne Thomas  (709) 535-1960

Past President  -    -    -   John Metcalfe  (709) 466-7306 

Membership Chair  -  -   John Metcalfe  (709) 466-7306

Secretary / Treasurer / Webmaster  -   Ben Turpin  (709) 466-3627

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